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How to Turn A Child’s Dream Into a Toy

Step 1: Child Draws Their Future Dream Job

What do they want to do when they grow up? Whether they draw a doctor, prima ballerina, fireman or teacher, no matter what the dream is, we can help that dream stay alive.

Step 2: Contact Little Bo Baby

Send the drawing to Gaya and wait for her reply. This should only take one or two days.

Step 3: Wait Only 8 – 10 Days for the When I Grow Up Doll to Arrive

This doll will be sent back to them as a reminder of hope, their dreams and their vision of themselves for when they grow up.

All our plushies are handmade so there might be a slight size difference from quotes size. We try to err on the bigger side.

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What some South African girls want to be when they grow up

Amahle: I want to be a doctor to help others feel better
Aged 8

Hope: I want to be a doctor because so many people need help
Aged 9

By letting children hold their dreams in their hands, we hope to inspire them to reach for them throughout their lives.

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