4 Ways to Remember Mandela

4 Ways to Remember Mandela

With Mandela Day approaching on 18 July 2015, I am once again challenged on how I can make a difference.

I’m just a mom living in Cape Town. What can I do? Yes, I’m a momtrepreneur, and I have a global vision on helping young children dream big and achieve those dreams.

But what can I do to help my children, and other children, remember the values that Nelson Mandela stood for?

As a mother the values that Madiba upheld (freedom, justice, equal rights, reconciliation and respect for others) are values that I want my children to live by in everyday life – not just Mandela Day – so naturally this is a project I put my full weight behind in my home.

Here are Four Ways to Help Our Children Remember Nelson Mandela:

1.     Tell Them a Story

Children learn through stories.

It’s a sure-fired way to bring across a moral that sticks like glue.

Tell the story of how things were in South Africa before Mandela (in age-appropriate terms), and how one person can make a big difference.

2.     Act it Out

Another great way to bring across an important message is through play acting or role-playing.

You can use toys or puppets to show the morals and values, or you can act it out with your child.

This can be carried through to friendships and everyday scenarios as well, so this will be an hour well spent.

3.     Do a Craft

You can bring across the life and values of Madiba through a drawing or a craft. This valuable one-on-one time with your child will be as powerful as the message you are bringing across.

Use paints, wax crayons, recycled items like milk bottle lids, egg trays, cereal boxes, felt, etc as a tactile way to stimulate your child and help them to learn.

4.     Remembering Madiba with the Remembrance Doll

Combine the above point with Little Bo Babies and you get the Remembrance Doll.

In our home, we want our little girls to remember our Madiba, and we do it the best way we know how – through crafts and plush toys.

We also want to help parents teach their children about Madiba.

Watch this clip on what we did last year.

We are proud to announce the return of the Remembrance Doll, in association with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Fund.

  1. Your child draws their own version of Nelson Mandela.
  2. Take a photo of the pic or scan it and send it to us on Facebook or via email.
    • We are running a competition on Facebook – the pic with the most likes will WIN their own plush toy of Madiba
  3. We will then make your child’s drawing into a plush toy, forever remembering Madiba and what he has done for their futures.

Happy Mandela Day, Madiba

Love, Gaya

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