Here's why our Plush Toys rock

Here’s why our Plush Toys rock

The Nelson Mandela Remembrance Doll


Your child’s drawing of Nelson Mandela could win and be made into a plush toy:


Plush toys are usually sewn from textiles. They are also known as stuffed toys, stuffed animals, ‘plushies’, soft toys or cuddly toys depending on where you come from. These toys have been manufactured from the 1880s and were initially meant for children to play with.

Today, however, they have become a favourite toy for both kids and adults. They become a great gift, especially during valentines and other special occasions. They are also great for decorating beds and rooms as they bring out a sense of youthfulness and delicacy that comes with being a child and having childlike items around.

Like all things today, there are manufacturers of these dolls that create good things and there are those who just do not care about quality and just want to earn money from unsuspecting buyers. Such manufacturers have flooded the plush toy production world that it is difficult to know who is real and who is not anymore. Truthfully, buying someone a gift of your child a toy only to find out it was not the quality you thought, is frustrating and can be quite insulting to the person you bought it for. This does not mean that there are no manufacturers who sell legitimate products because there are.

Little Bo Babies is one such manufacturer, they make toys of high quality, hypoallergenic materials. The problem with using low-quality material especially with synthetic fibre, when left in the sun or when they grow old, they produce chemicals that can be harmful to those who breathe and use the toys. This could mean significant health risks to children who have no mistakes and who would have otherwise been healthy for a long part of their lives. Many people buy these dolls without knowing that they are actually of very low quality.


The when I grow up doll:

Some toys, especially those made in Chinese factories are dangerous to those who use them because they are made by people who have no knowledge of what is required. The problem with this kind of manufacture process is that the people have no knowledge of what materials to use and how to professionally handle issues that may arise. In a bid to reduce the manufacture prices, companies put their customers at risk of finding misplaced items and the use of low-quality stuffing.


Why Kids Love Our Soft, Handmade Plushies:

Most of this company’s competitors are looking to see to it that a customer does not buy just once but many times, something many companies want too. However, the problem comes in when they use bad materials in order to ensure that a customer comes back to buy again with a short period of time. These habits have destroyed the legacy of this industry and made otherwise good companies that offer good quality materials loose customers because it has become hard to know who is legitimate and who is not.


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