Life hacks for parents

Life hacks for parents

Important Life hacks for parents.

It is a dream of every parent to nurture their kids and help them develop socially and physically. However, without appropriate hacks and tricks, this can become a tiresome task and may make parenting hectic. Kids need to be trained and be taught appropriately with relevant hacks to help them grow into responsible adults. (we hope)

There are several ways in which you can help your child develop life skills and invoke their critical thinking. Some of the easiest and humorous hacks that can help nurture kids include but not limited to the following:

  1. Use old lotion bottles as faucet extenders to help them learn how to wash their hands.



Using old lotion bottles is one of the coolest and easiest hacks that will help your child wash their hands. To achieve this, you need to carefully select special old lotion bottles with different shapes and sizes and turn them into faucets. When kids observe this idea, they begin to try it out on their own thus helping them to learn washing habits thus promoting their autonomy. This trick is simple and efficient. It will only take a few days or weeks and your kids will learn how to wash their hands. It is good to embrace this trick before meals and after meals. This will instil hand washing manners into your kids.

  1. Turn daily chores into fun games and activities.

Sweeping, does not sound like much fun but if you turn it into a timed event that requires all ‘dirt’ to be moved to a specific spot in an allocated time, this becomes a game and can get a bit of competition between siblings going



When it comes to your teenagers, getting them to do most of chores is like pulling teeth, this next hack is simple and bound to get the task done in a timely fashion.

Chores for Wi-Fi password. Simply change the Wi-Fi password and each day leave a sticky note on the fridge or on the Wi-Fi modem itself with the chores that need doing.


  1. Invent a no-mess painting parenting tricks and hacks.


Create exquisitely unique brands of colours to help your kids learn to create their own designs. This trick will help your kids to be innovative and creative when they grow up. You can ask your kids to create or rather draw their favourite cartoon characters that they had watched insisting that they use different colours to draw their clothes, socks and other attires that the cartoons had. This is an amazing Life hacks for parents that will help your kids to remember what they had watched and develop skills that will help them when they are teenagers.

All these tricks and hacks are essential for every parent and they should try out new tricks and hacks every day so as to be able to instal new thoughts and ideas into their kids. However, these tricks should be applied with a sense of humour to enable your kids enjoy each activity and make them want to try it daily. Those who have tried out these Life hacks for parents can bear witness that they are actually practical and meaningful.

  1. Create a little bath in big bath

Having all the bath toys floating around in the bath distracting the little one can be a headache to mom and dad whilst trying to manage the bath situation. By placing a washing basket in the bath you effetely create a little bath in a big bath. This keeps all the toys in arms reach of your baby and lets you get on with the washing.


Put a basket in the bathtub when your child is bathing so that the toys won’t flow away.


Here are more important life hacks parents can learn from:

  1. Help Other People (and yourself) Tell Your Twins Apart with These Tiny Rompers.

Don’t you just has answering the question “ are they twins?” this way you can not only answer that question but you can help create a unique method of allowing other people to tell them apart.


  1. Get a Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

Got to keep fit and work of the baby tummy? Well look at this as an idea for getting the baby out and about and burning off some excess, plus it is fun!


  1. Modify Your Drawers Into Bookshelves so That There Aren’t Books Lying Around the House

Space is always going to be at a premium with all the books and toys, this little modification to a chest of drawers will help not only with the space but also keep books out in the open to encourage them to be read, rather than tucked away in one of the drawers. Out of sight out of mind…


  1. If you’re Super Careful, a Big Cardboard Box Can be Re-purposed into a Stair Slide

Not for the faint of heart, but a great way to spend time indoors during the long winter months.


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