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Children’s creativity

“It took me four years to figure out how to paint like Raphael and a lifetime to figure out how to paint like a youngster.” – Pablo Picasso Children actually express their creativity up until about the time they begin school. That is the start of the end of the vast majority’s creative ability. Schools […]

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4 Ways to Remember Mandela

With Mandela Day approaching on 18 July 2015, I am once again challenged on how I can make a difference. I’m just a mom living in Cape Town. What can I do? Yes, I’m a momtrepreneur, and I have a global vision on helping young children dream big and achieve those dreams. But what can I […]

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Things I Thought I’d Never Say

Becoming a parent is a true revealer of character. It’s an endurance challenge both physically and emotionally. You will see some of the ugliest, darkest sides of yourself arise to the surface when you find yourself backed into a corner by the sheer will of your tiny child or children in my case. Suddenly my […]

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Snow in Cape Town: Winter Fun for Kids

Winter in the Cape is traditionally cold and very wet. But every so often winter gives us an extra-cold boost, and along with it, the snow. Finding Snow in Cape Town Subtropical climates don’t normally produce much snowfall – so in our family this is a pretty big deal! So, at the first news of […]

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Little boy at the dentist

Dentist for Kids

First Trip to the Dentist Yay, we have teeth! 🙂 Now is the time to start thinking about visiting the dentist. Sure, we all know that babyteeth don’t hang around forever (they generally start to fall out when your child is six or seven) but it’s still important to keep those tiny teeth — and […]

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