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A single mothers story: Hope and Faith

Leaving our old home was certainly not easy. How my precious little child will fare lies constantly on any mother’s mind, and that thought prevented me from taking the final step of leaving our war-torn homeland of Syria behind. But as the situation just worsened and worsened with no hope of anytime getting better insight, […]

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Here’s why our Plush Toys rock

The Nelson Mandela Remembrance Doll   Your child’s drawing of Nelson Mandela could win and be made into a plush toy:   Plush toys are usually sewn from textiles. They are also known as stuffed toys, stuffed animals, ‘plushies’, soft toys or cuddly toys depending on where you come from. These toys have been […]

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Life hacks for parents

Important Life hacks for parents. It is a dream of every parent to nurture their kids and help them develop socially and physically. However, without appropriate hacks and tricks, this can become a tiresome task and may make parenting hectic. Kids need to be trained and be taught appropriately with relevant hacks to help them […]

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Graduates in Cap and Gown

Sleeping Babies Make Smarter Grown-Ups

I don’t have to tell you that sleep, in a household with young children, is more valuable to parents than gold! There’s nothing worse than trying to start the day, bleary-eyed and grumpy-faced, with only a half night’s sleep under the belt. And that’s not even talking about the grown-ups! Aside from the obvious personality […]

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being a mom and an entrepreneur

Being a Mom-Trepreneur

How Birthing a Business is the Same as Birthing a Baby   So you might never have given birth to a baby or a business, and if that’s the case then you’re going to find yourself either terrified or saying ‘easy peasy, what’s the big deal?’ If you have given birth to either, then you […]

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Happily Ever After: in Today’s World

It’s February, and that means Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Remember what that was like? That little flutter of the heart as you anticipated roses and chocolates, or a romantic night out with that special someone. And it’s a pretty sure bet that one of those romantic interludes landed you in that little pickle […]

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Why a mom should run the world

Have you ever noticed how what politicians say, and what politicians do, are very seldom the same thing? A mother in the same situation at home would never get away with that!  I get called out by my kids every time I forget a glib promise I’ve made ‘in the moment’ and have just as […]

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using the threat of santa to get real results

Using Santa to get Results

It’s that time of the year again, and the spirit of all things Christmas is blowing through your window as we speak. Hearts are lighter, and smiles are brighter. So why is the little one STILL refusing to eat her greens, or make up his bed? Because they’re kids, that’s why, and there’s really nothing […]

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How NOT to Raise Entitled Kids

Entitled Kids “I will not!” “Please, my cutie pie, angel of my heart. Mommy really needs you to do this for her.” “Won’t!” As a mommy, this can be the most difficult time of your life. Dealing with entitled kids. What do you do when your child refuses to listen? If spanking isn’t an option, and a […]

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