Children’s creativity

“It took me four years to figure out how to paint like Raphael and a lifetime to figure out how to paint like a youngster.” – Pablo Picasso Children actually express their creativity up until about the time they begin school. That is the start of the end of...

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A single mothers story: Hope and Faith

Leaving our old home was certainly not easy. How my precious little child will fare lies constantly on any mother’s mind, and that thought prevented me from taking the final step of leaving our war-torn homeland of Syria behind. But as the situation just worsened and worsened with no...

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Here’s why our Plush Toys rock

The Nelson Mandela Remembrance Doll   Your child’s drawing of Nelson Mandela could win and be made into a plush toy:   Plush toys are usually sewn from textiles. They are also known as stuffed toys, stuffed animals, ‘plushies’, soft toys or cuddly toys depending on where you...

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Life hacks for parents

Important Life hacks for parents. It is a dream of every parent to nurture their kids and help them develop socially and physically. However, without appropriate hacks and tricks, this can become a tiresome task and may make parenting hectic. Kids need to be trained and be taught appropriately...

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Graduates in Cap and Gown

Sleeping Babies Make Smarter Grown-Ups

I don’t have to tell you that sleep, in a household with young children, is more valuable to parents than gold! There’s nothing worse than trying to start the day, bleary-eyed and grumpy-faced, with only a half night’s sleep under the belt. And that’s not even talking about the...

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4 Ways to Remember Mandela

With Mandela Day approaching on 18 July 2015, I am once again challenged on how I can make a difference. I’m just a mom living in Cape Town. What can I do? Yes, I’m a momtrepreneur, and I have a global vision on helping young children dream big and achieve...

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being a mom and an entrepreneur

Being a Mom-Trepreneur

How Birthing a Business is the Same as Birthing a Baby   So you might never have given birth to a baby or a business, and if that’s the case then you’re going to find yourself either terrified or saying ‘easy peasy, what’s the big deal?’ If you have...

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